WHMIS On-Line Training & Certification

Welcome to Armourco's WHMIS On-Line Training & Certification.

CSAO LogoWe are certified WHMIS trainers, authorized to train individuals who work in the property management and construction industry, and to certify that knowledge through an online exam.

When the exam has been completed and the trainee has passed successfully, Armourco will mail out a certificate and a wallet card that can be produced when a ministry of Labour inspector requests training verification.

WHMIS training is offered as a service to the Property Management profession and their partner agencies. If you are not directed by CPL, employed by or affiliated with a Property Management Company you will not receive any certification materials for completing the WHMIS training.

To begin your online WHMIS Training and Certification, please click the link below to register for a login account.

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This training and certification has been supplied to you free of charge. We want to be known in the property management industry as the Health and Safety experts in construction and maintenance.

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